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Thursday, April 17, 2014


Haiku poems date from 9th century Japan to the present day. Haiku is more than a type of poem; it is a way of looking at the physical world and seeing something deeper, like the very nature of existence.
Hair twists, frames the face.
deep set eyes that fell from grace
smile covers up all.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

~Hair Wars~

Does wearing a weave mean that you're rejecting your natural texture?
Is a weave just an option for versatility?
Does a color mean that you're not natural?

Feels like these hair wars will never die.

Friday, January 3, 2014

~A Year In Hair: My 2013 Hair Picture Diary~

Happy New Year Beautiful Ones!
Here's some hair for your viewing pleasure - my 2013 hair diary.





Wishing you all the happiest, healthiest 2014! Stomp out that little voice that tells you your own natural hair isn't good enough. Your hair IS good enough and YOU are good enough!
Be YOU! 

much luv

Saturday, October 5, 2013

~The Color Code - Meet Andrica~

first color - at home

Question 1: How old is the hair on your head?
This question is a little difficult to answer. I have been natural just about all my life…except for one lapse of judgment early on, but I constantly grow and cut my hair. SOOOO this hair is a year old.

Question 2: Have you had experience with color before? 
I color my hair often usually myself. I get bored really quickly so I color my hair twice a year. I like to go for a dark color in the winter and a lighter color in the summer.

Question 3: Why did you decide to color {again}?

I enjoy having a new look!

Question 4: Where did you go for color? And can you describe the procedure fully?
 I went to the salon this time because it’s the first time I bleached it.
Ummm from what I remember….

Step1: They cleared and separated my hair in six sections

 Step 2: Applied the bleaching mixture until my hair visibly lightened.

Step 3: Thoroughly rinsed the mixture out

Step4: washed hair as normal.

The hair was bleached to achieve the desired red color.

Step5: After the bleaching was completed the permanent color was added

Step6: After the allotted time was complete the permanent color was thoroughly rinsed out of my hair and it was again washed as normal.

Step 7: It was then treated to regain moisture

Step 8: After the coloring process was completed leave-in conditioner and moisturizer was combed through

 Andddd Voila! I became a carrot top!
present day color

Question 5: Were you given any advice on caring for color?
I never sought advice prior to coloring, but the hair dressers did advised me to constantly keep my hair moisturized and where protective styles often to lock in moisture.

Question 6: What steps are you taking to maintain healthy hair?
I don’t really do much, except I use a lot of moisturizer and leave in conditioner daily. Since I’ve bleached it I have treated it once with an olive oil and hot oil treatment.

Question 7: Would you color again and if so taking the same procedure? 
I think I would! I love the color and am ready to try new colors now that I have gotten over the fear of bleaching J


Sunday, September 22, 2013

~ A Natural's Hair Plan~

Hey guys!
I truly believe in the beauty of a Natural planning their hairstyling.
For example, you want to wear a great twist out or braid out, why not wear twists/braids for two to three days before the take down.
You want a slick bun, detangle and tie hair down with cute head wraps for a day or two.

My plan for my birthday was to have an awesome bantu knot out without the heat.
So here was the schedule:

Saturday: Thoroughly detangle and trim followed by placing hair into large twists to keep it stretched and detangled.

Sunday/Monday/Tuesday: Wear large detangled twists as updos or buns.

Wednesday: Wash and condition hair. With the hair already sectioned and detangled, the wash process was easy.  I returned my hair to large & loose twists to dry. Following this I lightly sprayed hair with Fantasia Holding Spritz to begin the setting process.

freshly washed and tied down to smooth out

Thursday/Friday Day: Wear large twists in updo. Place a headband on to smooth edges. My top section takes the longest to set. So I decided to bantu the front, loose and pin them down to wear in the day.

Friday Afternoon: Bantu knot dry hair using shea butter/olive oil mix and Fantasia Super Hold Spritz. Next sit under the dryer.

ps. the spritz was a bad idea and made the take down such a pain.

Friday Night: The takedown. Looking Hairtastic!

ps. - I'm doing my first give away in honor of my birthday! I'll be sending someone a 25 dollar online gift certificate to one of my favorite stores - Go Jane.

Interested? Here's how to enter -

1. Subscribe to this blog.
2. Leave any comment below here.
3. Find and follow my instagram @kaybahamas

Your names will be placed in a randomizer. Winner will be chosen September 30th 2013!
Good luck.

<3 Kay

Thursday, September 5, 2013

~StyleFeel September~

It's my birthday month! Who better to rep than one of my fave fashion inspirations!
Solange ya'll!

** I think I may do my first giveaway this month for my birthday.... stay tuned ;-)

<3 Kay

Sunday, August 25, 2013

~Black Opal's Nutmeg~

The makeup journey stumbles onto Black Opal's Nutmeg Foundation Stick...

I wanted something easy to use, with a pretty good reputation (via reviews by YT), and had a good price. 
Surprising bonuses to this foundation is that the first inactive ingredient is aloe, it contains SPF protection and it's hypoallergenic. 

When I got home and compared the foundation's color to my M.A.C. Pressed Powder Nc55, I was happy to see they were almost identical! 

order of pics from left to right: before, with foundation applied, after blended in

Next came the swatch (swotch?) test. 
I was happy to see it blended easily. (because I can't return it at this point)

Time for full coverage. I applied the foundation in strokes to my forehead, cheeks, nose bridge and chin. I then blended it in with a large fluffy brush. It blended in really well. 

order of pics from left to right: before - cleaned face, foundation strokes applied, fully blended in

This foundation didn't feel heavy at all. I'm happy to see it didn't give me a cake face and it washed off pretty easily. It gave just enough coverage where I don't feel too covered up and I still have a natural look. 

Down sides? I have no idea yet. But I'll be testing out its lastability, if it oils up, how it feels in our sunny weather conditions and if it will cause breakouts.

Go ahead to www.blackopal.com for more on the product and tips and tricks.

<3 Kay


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